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 So far this year we have had real support from a number of schools in the UK. It is a real privilege to be able to make the links that enable links between the UK children and our school in Kenya.

Thank you to the teachers and children in Warwickshire and South Yorkshire who in some way or other have helped by raising money. a number of schools in South Yorkshire have been involved in a recycling old clothes programme. part of the money they raise comes to Aid2Africa. Thanks to Chris and his team at CC4C for their continuing support. If you would like more information follow this link or just email us for more information. With all the bad press clothes collections have had recently, it is nice to be able to put our name to one which is doing it right.

On a totally different issue. There are two major pieces of work at the school in Kenya. The first is now complete. We have replaced the security fencing around the school site and also the rather makeshift gates as well. A new bridge over the stream replaces a rather rickety structure.  

Work on the main gates (above)
and on the fence (below)

Below: the ditch before they started widening it

Can you help? It's easy, just organise a Coffee Morning with your friends. hold a raffle for a box of chocolates and that wonderful birthday present from someone who won't be at the coffee morning and sell the coffee and biscuits to raise money for the children we support in Africa. We can let you have information to share and a very special thank you from the children in Africa. Every penny raised will go out to help those children we are working with. All of our admin costs are paid by the trustees.

Go, have a go, you will really enjoy it and so will your friends.

The new gate at the bridge entrance to the site (above) and at the main entrance (below)

There has been some minor flooding again at the stream side of the site. Our friend, Rened, a local builder, is working on widening and deepening the "ditch" the stream runs through to try to reduce the amount of water which spills over onto the playing fields when there is heavy rain. Sounds a bit like the UK! Wettest April, May and June on record for the UK.
below and left are photos of the work to widen the ditch where the stream runs in wet weather
hopefully this will safeguard the site

The second new work, which starts this month, is building a new classroom

We are going to build another classroom, we  have sufficient funds make a start at the beginning of August. The school is getting some additional support with this project from a Christian organisation who will fund the additional teacher and some other costs. A new classroom with furniture and books etc costs just over £3,000. Not much compared with prices here. I have seen children’s play houses in the UK costing more! We need the extra accommodation for pre school children. Officially they start formal school aged 6 where they go into grade 1 and work through to grade 8 when they leave school. However we have lots of children aged from 2 to 6 who, without the school centre would have nowhere to go in the day and more importantly, no one to feed and clothe them. The classroom will let us bring in at least 25 new children and reduce overcrowding in the existing pre school classroom.

The Charity Dinner at the Chase Hotel, Nuneaton The 2012 dinner date is  Friday 19th October. Two course £12 including donation to the work in Africa. includes a Magic Show and more.

You can now donate to Aid2Africa by text from your mobile phone.
To make a donation now just text

AIDA11 £5
  to 70070

It's quick and easy! amounts of £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10can be donated this way - please try it, even if only with a £1 donation.
£1 would pay for 2 metres of replacement fencing.

texting AIDA11 £5  to 70070 will give the full £5 to Aid2Africa

Thank you for your support of our work in Africa. If you have any questions about our work check out the website and email us with any unanswered questions

Peter & Edwina Wrigley, Roger &  Janine Dunster and Colin Brown