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Welcome to the Aid2Africa.co.uk Registered Charity website

100% of donations go to our work in Africa - the trustees cover all the admin costs

The children we support need regular financial support so they can go to school. The cost to fund a child in our school in Kenya is about 20 a month. This covers everything from tuition and two meals a day to uniform and exam fees.Also basic health care and other welfare costs. We have a 14  girls who are children at high risk of abuse living in our children's home, it costs over 24 a month to keep each child there. We run sustainable projects that currently ofset a significant proportion of this. Sadly, the drop in the buying price of maize by the Kenyan cereal agencies has resulted in this ofset being halved. Our gender balance is currently slighty more girls than boys
Even so our sustainable project income reduces this by a third - our hope is that we will, by reinvesting part of the profit each year, make the school self financing in the future.
Please consider making a monthly contribution to our work. Remember EVERY PENNY COUNTS.