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C4CC group from Kettlethorpe High School

Thank You to the many schools supporting Aid2Africa by working with the recycling scheme

Youngsters at Kettlethorpe High school could teach the rest of a thing or two about sustainability and recycling. They have teamed up with a local textiles recycling company  to try to keep old and unwanted clothing out of landfills. The name they came up with was Clothing for Closer Communities or C4CC. They are working towards getting as much suitable clothing as possible sent out to Africa. The recycling company have been involved in this for some years and their experience and desire to keep waste to a minimum is exemplary.  The group is getting as many schools involved as they can. For every ton of clothing collected a school, they receive 550 and Aid2Africa gets 50. The scheme is in it's early days but already the charity has received enough money to buy furniture for a new classroom.

final sorting bay where the different types are seperated
final sorting bay
it's not just clothes get sent to Africa- soft toys are packed in and omongst the clothes in the bales that are sent
it's not just clothes get sent to Africa


read the letter sent to schools in February 2010. If your school would interested in joining the scheme contact us at Aid2Africa

Chris and his dad Tim are the driving force who run the business

Recycling clothes to Africa generates employment and a source of cheap clothing for thousands of people living on or below the poverty line in many African countries.

Read the report by the
Textile Recycling Association on the impact of recycling clothes

Clothes bound for Africa
Clothes bound for Africa the factory where the used clothes are sorted
the factory
 Clothes being sorted by Africans for Africans so the rght type of clothing is sent
Clothes being sorted by Africans for Africans
the initial sorting of the clothes when they arrive at the factory
the initial sorting when they arrive at the factory

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