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Aid2Africa is going to Kenya

Waymarks Education Centre

Peter and Edwina will spend a week at the centre this autumn. The visit will see the completion of the first phase of the relocation of the school onto its new site.


The charity dinner raised, with donations, 1500. Thank you for you support and a special thank you to Colin Brown who provided some outstanding entertainment. It was a wonderful evening enjoyed by all who attended. Thanks also to The Chase Hotel for hosting the dinner.



After a very dry July in Kenya, heavy rains in the west of the country have helped to improve the expected harvest in November. Fruit trees have also been planted as part of the sustainable work there.

The new classrooms that have been built have enabled the school to be registered as an official school with the authorities in Kenya. This is a really important step for the future.  It  means  children  at  the school  will  be  able to gain

recognised qualifications.

Below: The two new classrooms.


warmest regards from
Peter, Edwina, Roger and Janine

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Warwickshire teacher Alan Farmer is running in three, half marathons between September and the end of October to raise money for Aid2Africa.. Thanks Alan from the kids in Africa

Keeping the FUN in fundraising


Contact with the schools we support in Zimbabwe is being maintained. However the level of communication is very low. Even the disbursement of school fees is proving difficult as communications even within the country are proving difficult to maintain. Despite these difficulties, we have bee able to maintain support for over 500 children this term. This is reduced from over 600 last year as both we and the lawyers in Zimbabwe have been unable to make contact with some of the schools at all in 2009. We look forward to re-establishing the links in the future

Our new catalogue of gifts is available from the website, with Christmas fast approaching please consider this option for giving to friends and family this year


More than 3 in 20 children die before their fifth birthday and over 1/3 of the children we support are orphans and most of the other children have already lost one of their parents