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      December 2008 newsletter Issue 11     

Merry Christmas

It’s nearly Christmas


In Zimbabwe at this festive time of year, people are dying from starvation and cholera. Both can be avoided. One man in the Mutare area died after cooking and eating tree roots, such was his hunger.


At Beulah Heights we have paid to plough up 2½ acres of the school land and bought Maize seed to plant. This will yield something for them next year. Meanwhile we are spending about £30 a sack for mealie meal. A maize flour that is used to make Sadza, a thick porridge and staple part of the diet there. 12p buys 1 child 1 meal. £1 will provide 1 child with two meals a week for a month. We would like to provide these children with a meal a day but need a extra £600 a month to just get to every other day.


This is just for the children we have been paying school fees for. No state schools have re-opened since the elections in the summer. The funding we had allocated for fees is now going in as food in the hope there will still be children when the schools re-open.


Moi’s Bridge western KENYA

Waymarks Education Centre

We have established a link to the centre which serves a shanty area of the town. Currently 80 children attend 6 days a week and are fed and educated. Since the post election problems in Kenya, funding has been much reduced. This where Aid2Africa,co,uk has been able to help.


Maurice and Evelyn Chesoli, a local pastor and his wife, work tirelessly to improve the life chances of these children. It is a privilege to be able to support them in their work. Apart from helping fund the food for the orphans, we have been able to fund building new toilets and look forward to being able to do even more in the future.


Can we, on behalf of the people whose lives Aid2Africa has touched this year, wish you all a very merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.


Peter and Edwina Wrigley, Roger and Janine Dunster


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Pictures from the Waymarks Centre in Kenya

Children in the shanty part of town


Kambi Suswa—the shanty area of Moi’s Bridge


Children at the Centre with the new toilets below Pastor Maurice Chesoli and some of the children

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