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                 October 2008 newsletter Issue 10 

Aid2Africa goes to Kenya

Waymarks Education Centre
Moi’s Bridge, western Kenya

one of the many centres trying to make a difference to orphans and vulnerable children in Africa

“We want them to become very important adults. Some of these children lead very hard lives in the nearby Kambi Suswa slums where they live with their guardians”

Pastor Maurice Chesoli

Inside the centre

Evelyn, Pastor Maurice’s wife regularly works with the children. One important aspect of the work of the centre is to provide meals for the 80 children. They also benefit from basic primary education. The centre is open from 7:30 to 5:00 six days a week. On Sunday the children attend church Sunday school and are given lunch.


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 Peter, Edwina, Roger and Janine

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Part of the flyer used

Third World (TW) Clothing Ltd operates out of Preston.

One the really good things that have happened this year is our linking with an organisation run by Jennifer Moss in Lancashire. Jennifer organises the collection of second hand clothing. This is then sorted and in common with most charity clothes collections, moved on to agents who can make the best use of it globally. Some may even end up in the communities we support in Africa.

For every ton collected, Aid2Africa gains a financial reward and it is income of this sort that has made expanding our work to Kenya possible.
Thank you Jennifer from the kids in Africa

New pictures from some of the schools

Despite the mounting problems in Zimbabwe the children still know how to play and enjoy themselves. Virtually all schools in the country are now closed and we are trying to make sure that when they re-open there will still be schools there for these children to attend.

Warwickshire teacher Alan Farmer has run in the Coventry half marathon to raise money for Aid2Africa. He is also running in Birmingham. Thanks Alan from the kids in Africa

"1.7m Zimbabwean children are orphans, the highest per capita figure in the world.
30% of children in rural areas suffer from malnutrition.
50% of Zimbabwe’s population are under the age of 18."
Sources: Unicef, Save the Children May2008

Without help, it is possible that Zimbabwe could face a famine on the scale of the one in Ethiopia last century which triggered Band Aid