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Two more schools are being assisted

Tsvingwe High School and Beaulieu Primary School
both are near Penhalonga just a few kilometres from the city of Mutare

Tsvingwe High School is a secondary school in Penhalonga, near Mutare and very close to the Mozambique border. We have been asked to assist students there whose families are having extreme difficulty in paying the fees needed to keep them in education


Some of the children we are assisting at Beaulieu Primary School

This small rural school exists in an old farmhouse with virtually no resources other than dedicated teachers. The toilet is no more than a hole in the ground surrounded by wood and canvas to afford some privacy. It has an asbestos roof to keep the rain out.


Peter, Edwina, Roger and Janine

We are making a difference, help us make a difference for even more children.

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Despite the problems that are afflicting our friends in Zimbabwe they are still working hard with us to make a difference to the lives of the children.

The children are the very future of the country. Despite estimates that between a quarter to a third of the population having left the country.   (3 to 4 million people)

Life still goes on. We hope and pray for stability in the coming weeks and months.

Education, health care and all the things that are taken for granted in the west have been stretched  often to breaking point.

We are often asked why are we still working in Zimbabwe. The answer is very simple, we are still making a difference to the lives of orphans and vulnerable children and the communities that support them. After all they have endured how could we ever turn our backs on them. They are our brothers and sisters in the family of the world.

A very wise man, when asked what was really important answered “love your neighbour as yourself


Furniture for Beulah Heights School has been found and money to pay for it donated. We are on target to get the school into its new buildings for the start of next term. A well has been dug so there is now water on site too.

"1.7m Zimbabwean children are orphans, the highest per capita figure in the world.
30% of children in rural areas suffer from malnutrition.
160,000 children under 14 have HIV.
50% of Zimbabwe’s population are under the age of 18.

105 children out of every 1,000 die before their fifth birthday -up from 76 15 years ago"
Sources: Unicef, Save the Children May2008