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      December 2007 newsletter Issue 5     


Merry Christmas

Itís nearly Christmas


In Zimbabwe, with inflation often doubling the cost of items in a day, the material aspects of Christmas must be out of reach. Where families, often single parent, child headed or headed by a grandparent or other relative, struggle to find food. Christmas presents must not be even a passing thought.


What are we doing this Christmas? How much will we spend on food and presents?

How much time will we give to the true meaning of Christmas this year.


Itís never too late to help bring some light into the lives of children in Zimbabwe through our work. Help us to extend the work carried out this year into the New Year.

So far this year we have started a long-term sponsorship of 200 children, orphans and vulnerable children, at primary schools. In the New Year we will pick up some new children entering the system and continue to support those who move to the high schools to study for their GCE O levels (GCSE) and on to A levels. Join our planned giving scheme to be part of that support.


In addition Aid2Africa.co.uk is

  • Looking at funding a footbridge over a river so children can avoid the crocodiles in the wet season when they cross the river on their way to school at Bere Primary.
  • Extending the number of orphans and vulnerable children it pays school fees for.
  • Providing more textbooks for schools.


Can I on behalf of the more than 2,000 people whose lives Aid2Africa has touched this year, wish you all a very merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.


May God bless you at this special time of year.


Peter Wrigley


We are making a difference, help us make a difference for even more children.

Please visit our website at www.aid2africa.co.uk

to get a fuller picture of our work and plans for the future AND how you can be part of it.

100 children at St James say thank you

over 500 textbooks for Pafiwa

100 children at Domborutinhira say thank you

the whole school at Pafiwa says thank you

over 100 children at the pre-school unit say thank you for clean water, new toilets, toys

and other educational resources

St Gabrielís say thank you

Beulah Heights say thank you

If you make a donation or use our buy a gift scheme, you will be able to track the progress of the school(s) where your gift or donation is making a difference. We keep updating our website so you can follow progress in the following months and years.