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Whatís happening right now?


Beulah Heights School, Mutare. A new school to serve a high density population area of 25,000 people which does not have itís own Secondary school. Because of the state of the economy in Zimbabwe, funding had dried up almost totally. Local businesses are struggling to exist are now unable to help fund the project.

Aid2Africa.co.uk has provided funding to complete the classroom block and will fund the building of toilets at the school.

From this to this needs funds...

Funds have gone to pay for the roof which should be completed by the end of August.

Follow progress on the website. New photos of the building are being added most weeks.

Bere Primary School.

This new project provides a new challenge, not least in providing a foot bridge to keep children safe from crocodiles when they go to and from the school.

Read and view the challenges facing the school on our website

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Tap in place

Painting from the pre-school Ė a new experience for the children. Some children donít want to go home, they want to stay and play with the toys that we sent out to them.

Toilets under construction Ė will be ready for use at the start of the new term in September

What a difference even a pound can make
If you gave

£1 provides basic fees for one primary school age orphan to go to school for a term.
Aid2Africa.co.uk is currently funding a 10 unit toilet.  Each unit costs about £200