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What’s happening right now?

In the Mutasa district in eastern Zimbabwe, we are paying school fees for 50 girls and 50 boys. These are pupils at St James Primary School in Zongoro.

 Below are some of the pupils who are being sponsored.some of the pupils who are being sponsored

 A 30 minute drive away is St Francis Primary School, Newengo. At the pre-school unit we have just had delivered toys and teacher resources from the UK. (details on our web site). The children had no toys to play with so we have sent both fun toys as well as appropriate educational toys. We hope to send more in the future. We have provided funds for extra resources as well for items better purchased locally.


          pre-school children playing with toys sent out from UK

above and to the right are some pictures of the pre-school children with the new toys.

 Money has now gone to our Lawyer friends out in Zimbabwe to pay for building materials for the toilet block and the materials to pipe clean water into the pre-school unit.

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pre-school children playing with toys sent out from UK


pre-school children with the toys sent out from UK

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What a difference even a pound can make
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£1 provides basic fees for one primary school age orphan to go to school for a term.
Aid2Africa.co.uk is currently funding a 10 unit toilet.  Each unit costs about £200