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New furniture and Part 1 of our school link project based on the Ngara Crosses project - sorry this is a long newsletter but mostly pictures!

Thanks to a donation from a church in America that one of our supporters attends we have been able to replace and add to the school's stock, particularly in terms of furniture and text books.

A joint project with Waymarks Education Centre, Moiís Bridge, Kenya and Church schools in the Diocese of Coventry

The staff, at the school in Kenya, worked with the children , talking about the cross and  itís importance as a Christian symbol. They showed the children the pictures which are in the Ngara Crosses pack. The children were encouraged to investigate their environment and select materials that they could use in making their cross. They were asked to create and give a short explanation of their cross.


CAROL AND YVONNA both in Standard 5 


"We have used green twigs that are shaggy to represent the disobedience that Jesus died for on the cross to cleanse humanity."

 IVY and TABITHA both in Standard 7  

"We have collected wood and bottle tops red in colour to make a cross. Red colour represent the blood of Jesus that was meant to wash our sins."



PURITY in standard 7


"I have made a cross using round clay balls to  represent Jesus as creator of the universe."

MARK AND BENJAMIN both in standard 7 

"We have made a cross using stones meaning being firm and righteous as was Jesus Christ."


 We also have images taken by the children at one of the link schools in Coventry, All Saints CofE Primary and will share them in due course.



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a happy day with new materials delivered

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MELLANY AND CENTRINE both in Standard 7,


We have made a cross with brown clay soil with green twigs to represent Jesus being the true vine


JESSE in Standard  7

 "I have made a cross with black clay soil and yellow manila paper to represent hope and resurrection of Jesus Christ."


DIANA and CAROL both in standard  7

"We have made our cross with clay soil and green

sisal to show the purity of Jesus and our sins he died for."


NORAH AND DORCAS both in standard 5,


"We have made our cross using Fresh Napier leaves. (Elephant grass)  We have gathered these and made the cross to symbolise the purity that we need in our daily lives through the death of Jesus on the cross."


If you would like more information about the project and to see more of the crosses please email us by clicking this link

Thank you for your support of our work in Africa. If you have any questions about our work check out the website and email us with any unanswered questions

Peter and Edwina Wrigley, Roger and Janine Dunster, Colin Brown