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 Merry Christmas

End of year report from the Trustees

This year has been a good year in all sorts of ways but not without incident. the year started with further problems relating to the security of the school site. This made us look carefully at ho we could, during the year address the issue. In the August and October newsletters you will have seen the photos of the new fences, gates and finally the planting of the living thorn hedge. Maurice and the team in Moi's Bridge are now confident that these measures will have made the difference to the security issues.

The school, both staff and children are to be congratulated for their outstanding achievements in the state examinations. across the grades they were in the top 10% of schools in the county. The results were:

Grade 8 Position 17 out of 192 Schools.
Grade 7 Position 19 out of 204 Schools.
Grade 6 Position 5 out of  204 Schools.
Grade 5 Position 18 out of 204 Schools.
Grade 4 position 20 out of 204 Schools.
Grade 3 Position 23 out of 235 Schools.
Grade 2 Position 15 out of 235 Schools.
Grade 1 Position 25 out of 235 Schools.

When we consider that only a few years ago the school was not recognised as a formal school they have worked miracles.

This year, the sustainable activities of the school have reaped a great reward and moved the school much nearer to self sufficiency. This will secure the school for the future

We have added a new classroom to relieve some of the pressures on the pre-school / nursery section and been able to provide money for additional land rental next year. Funding for some of the books etc that they will need for the start of the new school year in January has also been sent.

There is funding for the two secondary school girls we have paid for this year. Both are doing really well (see October newsletter).

We are not sure if we will be able to support perhaps another two "graduates" from the school to start secondary school in January. It would cost about £300 over the year. e hope that funding comes into the charity to enable us to do so.

The Really Good News is that when we sell the maize/beans harvest (we get the funds March) it will yield a profit = to 59% of this years basic running costs!

If we reinvest a small part of that in an extra 4 acres of land it will still reduce the monthly cost to us significantly next year. (£200 per month)

This year we rented 26 acres I have asked Maurice to rent the same plus an additional 8 acres. If we make the savings and food and wages don’t go up too much we might be able to have additional money this time next year to rent more land and get even nearer to the school being self sufficient.

Harvest from 26 acres of land 2012.

maize (sacks)


@KES 3000/sack

KES 1,875,000.00


Beans (kilos)


@ KES 80/kilo

KES 86,400.00


Total income

KES 1,961,400.00


land rental 2013 (acres)


@ KES 42100/acre

KES 1,263,000.00


Profit for school

KES 698,400.00


income maize/beans per calendar month

KES 58,200.00


Other income to the school pcm

KES 9,400.00


total income pcm

KES 67,600.00


running cost 2012/13 pcm

KES 122,050.00


possible top up required from A2A
pcm April 2013/March 2014 pcm

KES 54,450.00

£ 418.85 *


Current 2012-13 top up pcm

KES 90,136.00

£ 693.35


possible saving pcm

KES 35,686.00

£ 274.51

 *This figure will be higher as we know that in April when our funding year starts wages are likely to rise and the world price of food is still rising.

It would hope that it would still leave around a £200 reduction in our top up per calendar month to the school. This will make it possible to look at diversifying the sustainable aspects of the school and further enhancing the education it offers.

 NB Total running cost refers to the basic costs. i.e. wages and food for the school and the children’s home. It does not include school books, exam fees etc.

Other income includes a rental paid by the church for use of the school buildings each week for services – it is a way of them formalising their giving to the school.

As we move into 2013 we feel very positive about the future of the children and their community. This, despite the impact of the recession on the charity's income.

Can we finish by saying a huge thank you to all the many people both here in the UK and overseas who in any way have supported our work with orphans and other vulnerable children in Africa this year.

Thank you for your support of our work in Africa. If you have any questions about our work check out the website and email us with any unanswered questions

Peter and Edwina Wrigley, Roger and Janine Dunster, Colin Brown


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