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 May and June have seen the development and building of the new children's home at our school in Kenya. by the end of July we hope to have 14 girls living safely in the accommodation with a house mother, We have been able to add an extra part to the building which we will be able to use for visitors to the school.

If you want to read the background to the need for the accommodation look at the page about the slum clearance on our website.  http://www.aid2africa.co.uk/webpages/Slum_clearance.htm

the generosity of friends, churches and family have made funding the first part of our response to the problem possible. In the coming year we need to put in place sustainable projects to provide an income to secure the future of the children's home.

Work started at beginning of May 2011 and the digging out for foundations and footings progressed quickly to walls starting to grow.
 The latest photos of the building work which arrived on the 28th June 2011and show the roof being put onto the building. Appointing staff and selecting the children to be offered a home there will be done in the next few weeks.


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Footings in and the floor being started

The children’s home building almost at roof height

The children’s home building almost at roof height

Thank you for your support of our work in Africa. If you have any questions about our work check out the website and email us with any unanswered questions

Peter and Edwina Wrigley, Roger and Janine Dunster