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Update from Kenya

We have pictures from the school showing the children in their new uniforms and of the classrooms we completed in December. The photos also show the children with books that are part of the Christmas gift from All Saints Church of England Primary School in Coventry

 A new year brings new opportunities to us. this year we are going to consolidate the work of last year in Kenya. last year saw a lot of growth, buildings, numbers of children, land. All of which needs sustainable income from local sources. We need to be able to leave the school and it not be dependant on overseas funding to continue to educate the poorest of children.

new desks for grade 8

new uniform & new books

outside one of the new classrooms

visit the website to see more and larger photos

outside the kitchen

Thank you for your support of our work in Africa. If you have any questions about our work check out the website and email us with any unanswered questions

Peter and Edwina Wrigley, Roger and Janine Dunster