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 The summer here in the UK has been and gone. Since the last newsletter it seems that there has been quite a bit of activity. Planning two poultry projects, getting prices and working out profit margins etc took weeks of emails going back and forth.

In July 7 of us abseiled down Fort Dunlop in Birmingham. 100 feet (33m) is the decent and among the team were three students from Kettlethorpe High School in Wakefield.

The teacher who came with them emailed after the event,
 "Thanks for creating a fabulous opportunity for our young people.  There were many emotions and 'drivers' on the day to achieve success; everyone's contribution has made for an unforgettable experience - you can imagine the excitement in the minibus on the way back!
Once again, thanks so much - I'm sure the team are hooked into further fundraising on behalf of Aid2Africa."

It is so good to see young people enjoying new challenges and at the same time raising money for children in Africa.

Arfan Rashid climbed Ben Nevis  on 7th August to raise money for our work with children.

Please visit our website and check out our ALTERNATIVE GIFT CATALOGUE

Poultry Projects started in Kenya and Zimbabwe.

building work in Kenya is finished and awaiting delivery of chicks. the money has been sent to Beulah Heights School in Mutare and we hope work will start there in the next week or two.
Our October newsletter will carry photos of the project.
Thank you to the individuals and organisations that have contributed either through our "Alternative Gift Catalogue" or directly to A2A to make this possible.


Thank you for your support of our work in Africa. If you have any questions about our work check out the website and email us with any unanswered questions

Peter and Edwina Wrigley, Roger and Janine Dunster