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 Another year has ended for the charity. The financial report has been prepared and the report to the Charities Commission is complete. In the last year, April 2009 to March 2010, our income was higher than the previous year. This meant we could achieve more at our main project in Kenya. The purchase of land was a major step forward and getting the school registered so pupils can sit national examination was a real bonus. A summary of the accounts is available on request.
While we celebrate the successes of last year, the barbeque, abseiling 100 feet down Fort Dunlop and Coventry Hill Hotel, diner at the Chase, coffee mornings and the many small things people did which put money into the charity made a world of difference. The generosity of people we know and people who we have never met is humbling. The work the money does in Africa is amazing. We look with amazement at the amount of money that miraculously goes through the accounts. During the year Peter and Edwina went to Kenya to visit the school.  the information that can be gathered in a few days informs the planning and funding for the next steps. We are indebted to the lawyers, Tino and Johane in Zimbabwe. Despite the difficulties they still manage our affairs making sure funds sent to the schools gets to them.
Maurice and Evelyn work tirelessly in Kenya to make sure the school development is well managed. All these people give their time freely. They are an inspiration to us. In the year we have made new links to schools and organisations here in the UK. This has brought much needed support to the work with children in both Zimbabwe and Kenya. We have linked to a project in Tanzania and look forward to seeing the group involved with that project see fruit from their hard work.

Sadly we still get hundreds of requests for help from Africa. We just do not have the money to do what needs doing at the schools we already have links to let alone support new projects. It is a simple sum. the more money we have the more children we help.

Please visit our website and check out our ALTERNATIVE GIFT CATALOGUE and visit the information on past events and support to see what has been happening to raise money

New classrooms being built at Beulah Heights in Zimbabwe. The Army is helping with the work
Maize harvest in Kenya will help to pay staff wages
link to a recycled clothing company who send clothes to Africa and a school working with them to create a fairer world.
some of the money raised from old clothing goes directly to our projects in Africa

Thank you for your support of our work in Africa. If you would like more information based on the outline annual report, just email us and we will send you a copy of the end of year report.

Peter and Edwina Wrigley, Roger and Janine Dunster