Time Line

October 2016 new web site this page will take a lot of completing as we want to document as much as we can of the past decade of work. Keep coming back to see the latest entries


November 17th 2015 Sad news email
Sad to inform you that WEC has lost three children in heavily running water in the stream when they tried to cross over going home yesterday evening near the slaughter house about 200 meters  away from school . A nursery boy slid  accidentally into the stream and when the two other  boys classes  2 and 3  respectively  tried to save him they all drowned and efforts to save them alive were fruitless . It has rained heavily since Monday night even though this morning the weather is fair. Please pray for the two families befallen by this calamity and the school in general. It’s a sad moment for all of us.  Maurice.

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