Sustainable income  comes mainly from agricultural work. We rent, at the nationally set rate, land from local farmers. We pay all the cultivation costs including the labour of the farmers. This puts money into the local economy and has generated a lot of local support for our work. The income from the sale of the crops pays for the same acreage to be cultivated the next year and the profit is allocated on a calendar month basis for the following twelve months.  That is April to March as the money from the sale of the crops arrives Feb/March from the previous calendar years crop.pictures1044

This year we saw increased profit from our sustainable project based on local agriculture. The number of acres now under cultivation (2014) was 40 but was increased to 53 in January 2015. This year (2016) we have 80 acres under cultivation. Part of this increase has been made possible by grant aid from the Kenyan Local Agency. This is in recognition of the work with vulnerable children through our school. This is a massive increase and gets the school closer to the level of sustainability we are aiming for. Next year, 2017, we have been very fortunate and again gained grant aid from the Kenyan Local Agency to increase by a further 20 acres.

We gain a small income from other sources which include some rental payments for the use of parts of the school for other functions out of school hours.

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