About us

Contact us by email
at admin@aid2africa.co.uk or info@aid2africa.co.uk

How can you help?

Planned giving of even small amounts like £5 a month really do make a difference.
One off donations are always gratefully received
If you can Gift Aid your donation even better. Contact us for details

In addition we collect used / old clothes and recycle them. This raises money which we can then use in Africa. The clothes themselves go to areas of poverty where second hand clothing is the only affordable source. Most of the clothing you give us will end up in Africa.

The next time you are clearing your wardrobe please consider passing the cast off to us. We will collect them from you if you can’t easily drop them off to us.

 Alternatively how about holding a coffee morning or running a stall at a fair. You could throw a diner party where your make a charge or ask for donations. we have neighbours who every year have a garage sale of all those unused item lurking in your home for a charity of their choice.
I use reclaimed wood to make items that I sell and the money goes direct to the charity.

The list of possible fundraising ideas is endless. If you want to do something then get in touch, we can provide posters, information sheets, sponsor forms and the like.

If you’re in America, we have a supporter there who helps fund some of the work we do and could help co-ordinate funds getting to the school.   Contact us for details of how to contact him and we’ll get back to you.

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making every penny make a difference