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Slum clearance on 14th March 2011- New Childrens Home

This was a unexpected action which took us and the local community by surprise 

The Kambi Suswa slum area of Moi's Bridge was demolished by the council  saying it was a hideout for thugs and criminals. sadly the 250 adults, many grandparents looking after orphaned and vulnerable children, and at least 650 children were left with nowhere but the streets to sleep on that night.

The police told onlookers that they should not take photos so the ones we have were emailed anonymously to us. Right some of the children the day they were made homeless.

Children of the slum

The Kambi Suswa Slum

Kambi Suswa demolished...


The children made homeless receiving blankets and mattresses funded by donations from churches in the UK to A2A


We are building a children's home and if you would like to help please contact us

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