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Information about using Everyclick to make money for A2A

Raise money for our charity

By using the Everyclick search you can earn 1p for the charity. If 100 people made one search each day then we would get 1 a day -365 a year.....
how to set it up:  go to 
You will get to this page. Now click on the Give now buttonYes, it really is so simple
This opens choice list. Select the option Give as you live  
If you go to the bottom of the list (which we hope will grow) there is a link to
Make this your home page.

If you click this....

... and select Add this webpage to your home page tabs then click Yes it will be added.

In order to be seen on the donor list you need to register with Everyclick.

There is also a downloadable app which will give a % of some of your online purchases to A2A.

You can even create events pages where people can sponsor you on our behalf.


I have been using it for some time and have earned over 10 by just using the search facility.
It is only UK sites that generate income BUT every penny counts.

Peter Wrigley