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How To Donate: There are three ways you can donate to Aid2Africa.
They are by credit card, cheque or cash (postal order if posting please) and by standing order

Credit card:
UK tax payers Charitiestrust (click here). Please tick the Gift Aid section
Non UK residents
can also donate via Charitiestrust (click here).
By Post:
Just download and fill in a Donation Form (in either Word or PDF format) and return it to us remembering to complete the Gift Aid section if you are a UK tax payer, and send us either a postal order, a cheque, or complete the Standing Order part of the form.
To make either a one off donation or set up payroll giving, Charities Trust provides a secure and approved means of doing this. You will need to create an account with them in order to use the secure site. Below is a guide to how to use their site to make an on-line donation to us. The logo on the right links to the site >>>>Charities TrustLINK to the....

you can Gift Aid your donation if you pay tax in the UK. There is a simple to use calculator that shows you the full amount of your donation to us. Type in the amount you want to donate, click the Calculate button and the total donation value is shown in the box below it.

screen images only to go to the site use the link above ^

(screen image only)





When you get to the Charities Trust site for a one off donation simply type into the Keyword Search box (shown above) and click  

This should give you a screen of search results as shown below - you can change the default gift amount here or later after you have clicked the button.

You will need to register with Charities Trust to complete the on-line donation. This will only be on the first time you make a donation. Once you have registered you will have an account which will let you give to us or other registered charities in the future.

Charities Trust









Due to some problems with attempted fraud please email us and we can then send you the appropriate forms. Email us