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Newengo Pre-School Unit, St Francis Primary School, Newengo, Zimbabwe

Links with the school go back before the start of It was visited in 2006 and the need to help was part of the drive to register a charity that would work with a number of schools, not just one.
From the visit, the charity was born.

Toys and other resources for the pre-school unit.
Toys and other resources for the pre-school unit
toys waiting to be sent
Toys arrive at the school in Zimbabwe
toys arrive at the school
Toys in the hands of the children they were sent for
children playing
Some of the pre-school children's art work.
paintings with paints sent

A new toilet block

work started in mid 2007 and progressed

until we had a block of

10 Blair Toilets


Piped water into pre-school unit and the water tank

Look cool dude, its only a tap!
there was a small problem. The water only flowed when the electricity was on. and in Zimbabwe that was becoming more and more infrequent.
water tank to maintain wter supply to school
solution - build a storage tank
water tank to maintain wter supply to school when power is off

The school had 22 classes and 17 classrooms. A pre-school unit without any toys. The pre-school children shared toilets with several hundred older children and there was no piped water.
Aid2Africa changed that and continues to provide some support for the unit.

During 2007, our first year as a charity, we worked closely with the school to upgrade the pre-school. MCDP, the group from which we  grew works with the primary school.

Parcels collected May 30th 2007 by Hassan Nyangoni and Sylas Chakanyuka from World Cargo International UK   were the first evidence to the children that someone somewhere cared about them.
Munya, and her team at World Cargo, have provided invaluable help to us over the years. Their expertises and support has made it possible for us to achieve things which, without them, we would not have been able to do.


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