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Sagambe Primary & Secondary Schools, Sagambe, Zimbabwe

Ex-student, Never Boterere, contacted us about the plight of the schools and has worked hard to ensure that communications were re-established after the closures for the elections in 2008. It looked for a time that we had lost contact but thanks to Never we are now back in touch.

The Primary School and pupils

Poor quality classrooms

Children A2A is assisting

25 orphans at the secondary school and 50 primary children now have their fees paid.

Situated very near the Mozambique border, the schools are almost 100km from Mutare.
This makes access difficult as few people have money for bus fares.
Access to communications is also very limited.

The classrooms at the primary school are overpopulated because 3 classroom blocks were destroyed by wind in 2006 and they have never been able to replace them

Below, some of the teachers houses. While some teachers live on site many have to travel by bus. With hyper inflation, teachers often cannot afford the bus fares to get to work.

Secondary school orphans and their school

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