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Domborutinhira Primary and Secondary Schools, Mutasa District, Zimbabwe

Very sadly this school is one we are having real difficulties working with. The remoteness of the school and present situation in Zimbabwe has made it virtually impossible to carry out the work we want to with the school. We will not give up on them and when the situation gets better we will pick up where we left off. December 2009

We still need more regular (monthly) givers to increase the number of children we can make long term commitments to. This applies to all the schools we work with. was sponsoring 150 children all of whom are either orphans or vulnerable children at serious risk of having to stop going to school because the carers or parents can no longer find the money to pay the fees. We hope to re-start this funding when we can make contact with the school. The last communications were before the Presidential Elections in 2008.

More children being sponsored through school in Zimbabwe

The grade 7 children will move to the secondary school in January, the start of the new school year. We are continuing to sponsoring them through their secondary education. 10 of our assisted children moved to the secondary school at the start of this year and we will continue to fund their education for the next four years. There will also be funding for a number of children who join the school into grade 1. A review of the circumstances of all sponsored children is made annually. We may find that we need to sponsor more children within the school.
We need more regular giving to ensure we can continue to give these children the chance they deserve.

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