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Beulah Heights Secondary School, Mutare, Zimbabwe

Back in late 2006, a local church was given the plot of land, subject to them building a school on it. We have been helping to try to make it  happen

the site for the new Beulah Heights school sign

During 2007 work progressed very slowly to build the first two classrooms. The supply of basic materials in Zimbabwe was limited and work that should have taken weeks took months. Finally, in January 2008 the school opened - but not in the new buildings. The classrooms were not finished until July later that year. The photo below show the long awaited furniture arriving in July 2008
School furniture arrives at the new classrooms

The city of Mutare is the third largest city in Zimbabwe. It's population keeps growing in organised housing areas. One such area, Chikanga, now houses 25,000 people. It does not have a single secondary school. Some pupils can get into a school for a place in a double session school. This is where the day is split and one school full of pupils attend for one half of the day and a different school full of pupils attend for the other half day. They get half time education which is better than no education.
For these reasons
Revival Times International Ministries Church under the leadership of Pastor Zamani Sithole,
has committed itself to the construction and running of Beulah Heights Secondary School.

February 2007                   June 2007            September 2007                      May 2008                   July 2008

foundations in  for the new Beulah Heights school  Builders at work at the new Beulah Heights school  work on the roof has started  classrooms at the school in Zimbabwe near completion  New desks for the new school classrooms in Zimbabwe

The changing fortunes of Zimbabwe have made it very difficult for the work to continue with any real pace. After the elections in 2008 all schools closed and only reopened in the first half of 2009. Aid2Africa continues to provide support to the school by sending money to help towards the school fees of the children.

Zimbabwean orphans 2009 being fed at Beulah Heigths with food from   Zimbabwean orphans 2009 being fed at Beulah Heigths with food from

Additional funding is sent when possible to provide some additional food for the children. Some of this comes from generous people who specifically want to help feed the children

Maize growing on school land will provide income to replant next year and profit for the school

Providing support for sustainable projects
is also part of the work of the charity with the
school. over two acres of land has been cultivated
with maize to provide income and food.

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