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Children in real need - it costs just 3 a month to pay the school fees for these children. That fee covers tuition, two meals a day and basic educational materials. Will you make a commitment to help one of them
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At Waymarks Education Centre the children get more than just education. They get food and help with uniform and other essentials. These are just a few of the children at the school. Without the school they would even less that they now have. Their stories are sadly all too common in the town.
These are 16 of the 176 children in the school. We also support children in three schools in Zimbabwe

5 years old ANN WANJIKO is a girl in Nursery and lives with her aunt at the slum. Both her parents died 3 years ago. The aunt is jobless and therefore not really able to support even Ann's basic needs.    

BRENDA NAFULA 6 is a girl in grade 2 at our school and lives with her ailing Mother. Her father died of Aids some years ago when she was only 2 years old. Her mother is jobless and can not really provide food, clothing etc for Brenda.

DIANA ANYANGO 7 is a girl in grade 1 and lives in the slum with her aged grand mother. Her both parents died of Aids 3 years. Life at the grandmother's is very hard. Most days she only has the food provided at school.

EMMANUEL 8 and KEN 7 are boys in grade 2. They live at the slum with their mother. Their mother is currently very sick. Their father died of Aids in 2006.  School is the only stable feature in their lives

EVANS WEKESA 11, is a boy in grade 4 and lives with both his grandfather and grandmother at Soweto shanty opposite the slum. Their grass thatched semi permanent house is almost falling down. Often the only food he gets is that provided at the school. Evans was abandoned by his mother when he was only 1 month old. 

HILLARY ONYANGO 5 is a boy in Nursery class and lives with his aunt at the slum. His both parents were killed during the post election violence in early 2008. Live at the slum is very hard because the aunt has her own 10 children to take care of and she can not afford to provide even the basic needs for the children.               

LUCY NEKESA 12, is a girl in grade 6 and lives with her aunt. Her parents died 6 years ago. The aunt is also sick and the live so hard and she can not provide for the family of 4 children.

LYLIKIM ADIJA is only 2 years old and is a girl in Nursery grade and lives with her grandfather. Her mother died when she was a week old. It's really God's hand that has helped her aged grand father to take care. The only clothing she has is the school uniform the church bought for her.         


KEVIN 8 and ESTHER 6 are children in grade 3 and 2 respectively and live with their grandmother. Both their parents died when they were 5 and 3 years old. Grandmother tries to care for them but they completely lack good beddings and safe shelter.

RUTH WANGOI is a girl in grade 4 and lives with her aged grand parents near the school. Her parents died of Aids 5 years ago

RENZ0 MULARI 8 is a boy in grade 2 and lives with his ailing uncle at the slum. Both his parents died when he was 3 years old. His uncle's wife died last year. The future looks very bleak for Renzo at his uncle's home.

LEON MAMBOLEO 7 is a boy in grade 1 and lives in the slum with his brother aged 17 years old. Both their parents died forcing his brother to drop out of school to work in people's fields to earn at least something to provide for Leon and himself.

DICKSON WANYOIKE 10 is a boy in grade 4 . He lives with his Mother at the slum. His father died of Aids when Dickson was 5 years old. His mother's health is not good currently and she is not able to do any casual work to earn a living. 


KENNEDY NANGALAMA is 12 and in grade  4 and lives with both his parents at the slum. His parents are one of the poorest families at the slum. They do not have enough to eat or adequate shelter and in most cases KENNEDY and his parents spend the nights in the cold, hungry and without something to cover themselves with.


For many children there are days when the only food they get is what we provide at the school. some have no clothes other than their school uniform

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