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Moi's Bridge western Kenya


Maurice Chesoli's description of his home town

(Pastor Maurice and his wife Evelyn manage the volunteer programme for A2A)
"Moi's Bridge is a small Town in the West of Kenya. It is about 370 km away from Nairobi, and 20 km to Kitale, a  town to the northwest, but 80 km to Eldoret a town to the southeast. It is a friendly small town with the all common problems that high infection of HIV and AIDS bring. The people are warm, friendly and welcoming despite the poverty that they under go through life in this area. The area is very safe and a good place to live and work."

The climate of Kenya is as varied as its physical structure. Climatic conditions vary from the tropical humidity of the coast, through the dry heat of the hinterland and northern plains, to the cool air of the plateau and mountains. Despite Kenya's equatorial position, Mt. Kenya is perpetually snow-capped. The coastal temperature averages 27C (80F), and the temperature decreases by slightly less than 2C (3F) with each 1,000 ft (305 m) increase in altitude. The capital, Nairobi, at 1,675 m, has a mean annual temperature of 19C. The arid plains vary from 21C to 27C (70F to 80F). Seasonal variations are distinguished by duration of rainfall rather than changes of temperature; most regions of the country have two rainy seasons, the long rains falling between April and June, and the short rains between October and December. Average annual rainfall varies from 5 inches a year in the most arid regions of the northern plains to 70 inches a year near Lake Victoria. The coast and highland areas have an average of 40 inches per year.
(from The Africa Guide web site )

If you're looking for a life-changing experience that will benefit other people, then read on. We have set up a number of volunteer programmes and one of them could be just right for you.

following our visit at the end of October we have lots of new information to add and update over the coming weeks....

Aid2Africa has a volunteer base at Moi’s Bridge in the west of Kenya, a friendly town about 220 miles from the capital, Nairobi.  Moi’s Bridge is a town with the all too common problems that high infection rates of  HIV and AIDS bring. There is a substantial slum/shanty area of the town and most of the work you will engage you with that community. The volunteer base is based around local family hosted accommodation or group based accommodation.  In Kenya, life moves at a pace which is never hurried. African time is the term you often hear used. The people are warm, friendly and welcoming. Despite the poverty that permeates through rural life you are met by smiling faces and hospitality that belies the needs of the community. This is an ideal place to spend time and experience volunteering abroad.

The town of Moi's Bridge is based on the main road which runs through it. The road enters the town from Eldoret and leaves as it crosses the bridge (Moi's bridge) heading for Kitale. down each side is an area used as an open market seven days a week arrive. Monday  is the big market day when not just locals bring goods and produce to sell but also traders from the area arrive. Tourism has not reached this part of Kenya so there is no in your face selling. you can browse the vast array of items  at leisure. This is the place to buy fresh fruit and vegetables. There are a couple of "supermarkets" which sell an amazing range of items also. Be warned that the title "Hotel" as a different meaning in rural Kenya and if you are luck you may find one that sells "sodas" at a very reasonable price. Don't expect much more or you will be disappointed! In Eldoret and Kitale there are some hotels which match our understanding of the name "Hotel". In both Kitale and Eldoret there are some good places to buy food.

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Kenya has some of the very best Safari opportunities in Africa and it is easy to "plug into" a Safari as part of your stay in Kenya. The Masai Mara, with its huge herds of migrating zebra and wildebeest, is home to the BBC's Big Cat Diaries since 1996.  It is just one of many reserves which are well managed and provide the visitor with almost unbelievable views of the wildlife.
Nakuru is the second largest city in Kenya and you pass through it on the road from Nairobi to Moi's Bridge. The game reserve on the shores of the lake there has huge flocks of flamingos and a vast array of wild life including white rhinos.


chart from Kuoni web site


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