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Building on success - Making a difference

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a2a today an open letter about our current work - updated March 2015

Building on success - making a difference

 Today supports Orphans and Vulnerable Children through work with schools. Paying school fees and funding school based projects ranging from buying books to building toilets and classrooms. It believes in giving a hand up not a hand out and works closely with communities on sustainable projects.

Wherever possible items needed by the school are sourced locally. This means that the funding we provide goes into the local economy helping many more people than those directly involved with the school. We pay staff national pay levels and from May 2015 will be paying for health care insurance for all the children and staff through a government initiative.

 Established as a charity in March 2007, we have in fact been working with schools and their communities in Zimbabwe for several years on an informal basis. has actively raised awareness about the needs of the communities out in Zimbabwe, particularly orphans and other vulnerable children.

 We have strong links with the communities through lawyers, pastors and international aid workers. Their expertise and commitment has provided an infrastructure that means that every penny sent can get to where it was intended. We have a good platform of support from our local churches and other organisations here in the UK.

 Currently the charity is involved with funding children’s school fees, providing resources for classrooms and pre-school units and other resources to benefit the children’s education. Since March last year nine schools have benefited from these activities. Over 500 text books for one primary school and over 400 to another, toys and educational resources for over 100 pre-school children and much needed materials to enable a school to prepare its pupils for their external examinations have, with the payment of fees for 636 children, has made a difference. That is all in just one year.

 Additionally financial support for building work at three schools. This includes putting piped clean water and new toilets into a school for the pre-school unit. Support for two new secondary schools has been provided. In both cases these are in areas where children have limited access to secondary education either because of the shortage of places or just the physical distance they have to walk each day

A major project that we are involved with is in Kenya, one of the three countries where we have run projects. The Kenyan project involves the redevelopment of a small primary school on land we bought. The school serves a poor rural community and in particular a slum area. running with 176 pupils (July 2010) the intention is to build a school that can cater for at least 60 pre-school children and 140 primary age children. this will enable the school to offer education for around 100* children who lived in the slum who currently had no access to education. We enabled the school to be registered with the Kenyan Education Department. This will mean that pupils can now sit the national and regional examinations, in particular the school leaving examinations and get recognised qualifications.

One aspect of the work with the school is to establish a culture of self-sufficiency. currently sustainable projects, overseen by the school, generate a significant part of the day to day running costs. by the start of 2015 this should be over 50% and continuing investment in these projects will see the school totally independent of overseas help. It is a model we believe is repeatable in other areas.

*Update June 2010. more than 60 of those 100 children have been found a place in the school By September all should have been offered a place.
the number on roll increased to 200 after the building of another classroom for pre-school age children in 2013.

As with all charities, the work we can do is limited by the funds we have. As a small charity with all the administration costs being sponsored. We can direct every pound given into making a difference to children and their communities in Zimbabwe. All the people involved in running the charity are Christians and see the work as part of their work for God.

 Our website has details of what is happening and lots of pictures of the work as it progresses. Please take the time to visit it and pass on the link to others whom you think may be interested in our work. is the site address will give you email contact with us.

 Peter and Edwina Wrigley, Roger and Janine Dunster, Colin Brown

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 The registered objects of the charity are:

To provide relief from poverty, sickness and distress in any part of the world and in particular the continent of Africa, and in furtherance of this object to provide relief by the provision of facilities of all kinds, support services and equipment generally calculated to reduce the need, hardship or distress of such persons, and to promote awareness of poverty in Africa and elsewhere generally.

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