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Some Background information about the history of the Charity

 The Team UK and Zimbabwe and Kenya

Peter and Edwina 
Janine at a fund raising event
Roger at C4CC Textiles in 2010

Maurice and Evelyn Chesoli with Peter and Edwina at the new school October 2009

A young man from rural Zimbabwe, Believe Njopera, came to teach in the UK around 2002. His stories of life in rural Africa inspired all who listened to him. Children whom he taught, collected money to send out to Africa. It was the start of "Making a Difference".

One of those inspired was Nigel Canning, at that time a church children and families worker who's work brought him into the school. In July 2004, he visited Zimbabwe with Believe and after that visit, it was felt that something more formal should be organised and a group under the title of Mutasa Community Development Project* was formed. It has "Made a Difference" in providing funding for pupils school fees, building classrooms and number of other projects.

It was from this background that the charity has been founded. It is a new and independent venture which has built on the successes of the original project and continues to "Make a Difference"

All the people involved with the charity are Christians and it is their response to God's call on their lives that motivates them. Jesus taught that we should treat our neighbour as ourselves.

The objects of the Charity are:
To provide relief from poverty, sickness and distress in any part of the world and in particular the continent of Africa, and in furtherance of this object to provide relief by the provision of facilities of all kinds, support services and equipment generally calculated to reduce the need, hardship or distress of such persons, and to promote awareness of poverty in Africa and elsewhere generally.

In 2006, I visited Zimbabwe with Believe and was shown projects in a number of areas of the country. The Charity is looking initially at two main areas, Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe and the Eastern Highlands which run along the Mozambique border from the city of Mutare northwards.

The involvement of other organisations including the World Food Programme of the UN and Plan International were seen. The Charity can work along-side existing aid to help plug gaps and enhance what is already being done.

Lot of contacts were made from local parents to teachers, school board members, directors of education, church, political and tribal leaders and the vice chancellor of the University of Zimbabwe. This platform provides the basic infrastructure needed to make a difference.

In 2009 Edwina and I visited our project in Kenya. This project has provided A2A with opportunities to get children from a slum into education and also provide them with food. Pastor Maurice Chesoli and his wife Evelyn, work tirelessly to support the school and the children. Moi's Bridge is where the school is and it is a town between Kitale and Eldoret.

At home in the UK connections to other groups and charities working in Africa grow constantly. The links now exist to most sub Saharan African countries.

All the people currently involved directly with running the charity are Christians and while it not overtly a Christian charity, it is run on Christian principles.

Peter Wrigley

January 2010 Ltd
Directors: Peter Wrigley and Roger Dunster, Company Secretary Edwina Wrigley

Trustees of the Charity Reg No 1119045:
Peter and Edwina Wrigley, Roger Dunster and Colin Brown

Management group: Peter and Edwina Wrigley, Roger and Janine Dunster, Colin Brown

*Mutasa Community Development project web site is


Tino Bere

Rhino Marimbire

Rev. Titus and Winnie Murefu


Basil,(above) Head of Newengo primary school  Sophie (left) who teaches at Newengo.
Munya at World Cargo International


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