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The Alternative Gift Catalogue

The gifts you give to your friends and family,  are given with love to the orphans and other vulnerable children in Africa.  
The gifts help provide a sustainable future for the children and hope for those who try so hard to care for them.
Choose from a wide range of gifts that can all make a real difference to the lives of the children that the charity supports.

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Text books
Text books are often shared between several children. We have even come across the situation where the only copy is the one the teacher has


4 text books (primary school)


Exercise books for a class for a term
The burden of providing the basics can often be a real challenge to those who are caring for not only their children but those of deceased relatives.


Packs of exercise books for a class for one term



Pencils for a school or classDespite struggling to pay for fees and uniforms, the final straw can be funding the basics of pens, pencils and paper

Packs of pencils and pens for a class for a year


Packs of pencils and pens for a class for a year



Maths Geometry sets, pack of five plus 30cm rulers



For the teacher: 2
Boxes of 144 sticks of dustless chalk (1 white 1 mixed colours)

 Black board for a classroom

The schools in rural Africa  are generally still using the old fashioned chalk boards.



Black Chalk Board  for a classroom



Table for two pupils in a classroom ( sometimes four pupils sit round these tables) We have been lucky to find skilled carpenters who will make virtually all the school furniture needed local to the school that needs it


Pupils desk for two or four


Bench to go with the table for two
With the younger children, a bench each side of a table provides a better learning environment.


School classroom bench


Desk for two
This basic design is effective and easily made in the locality of the school


Desk for two integrated unit


Teachers desk
This makes the teacher feel valued even if they are only being paid a subsistence level of wage



Teachers Desk


Teachers Chair

Hand made by a local carpenter who uses old colonial pieces of furniture as his templates.



Teachers Chair



Chair for older pupil
children have an opportunity to sit examinations to gain certificates. For many this is the highest level they will be able to afford to achieve. Sitting on a chair at a table to study raises self esteem.

Pupil chair


Plastic chairs for the pre-schoolers (5)
These small plastic chairs are easier for some of the really small children to sit on than a bench. Sets of these chairs bring greater flexibility to the learning space.

Five small plastic chairs

10 for 5

Medium Plastic chairs 4 each

A group of ten Fruit Bushes
Plant a group of 10 fruit bushes of different types that will provide fresh fruit and possible income for many years to come

Ten fruit bushes/trees the cost  includes planting and manure


Plant ten eucalyptus trees
These trees will provide shade and a yield of timber in the future. The long straight timber seems to be more termite resistant than most

Ten eucalyptus trees, including planting and manure

Plant ten shade providing trees
This will include eucalyptus, umbrella palm and pine. Trees have been cut down for fuel in many places and replanting helps prevent the soil erosion this causes.


Ten shade providing trees, including planting and manure


100 mixed bushes and trees
This mixture of trees including fruit bearing ones would help a community to undo some of the damage caused with the incentive fruit for free if they protect and care for them.


100 bushed and trees, includes  the cost of manure and planting


These provide a large proportion of the meat protein in what tends to be a protein deficient diet. Buy a chicken and the food to get it to a sustainable economic stage.


A chicken and the resources needed


A secure chicken coop which will house about  eight birds. Including the utensils needed for good husbandry (see page 2 for larger project)



Chicken coop (does not include chickens)


Goat / Sheep
The  goats and sheep converts plant material into milk and meat. They can make a huge impact on economic wellbeing. Some areas favour sheep rather than goats


A goat or sheep


Rent and plant an acre of ground for a school
The harvest will pay for next years use of the land and provide some food/income as well. It also gives employment to a person to tend the land. This gift has the potential to provide economic stability for years to come form a single gift.


Rent and plant an acre of land


School Uniforms

Comprises of:

Dress or shorts and shirt.

A sweater.

A pair of shoes and socks,



Uniform for Lower Primary child




Uniform for Upper Primary child


Mosquito nets
Malaria is the single largest killer disease on the planet. A simple mosquito net can help prevent the transmission of the disease by mosquitoes.


6 life saving Mosquito nets


Register a child
ery few rural children have their birth officially registered. They do not officially exist. This gift opens doors to the future for a child like Abigail. Non-registration is a major issue in Africa.


Register a child - a gift for life!


Health Insurance for a child
A simple health check can be a life saver. This gift provides 20 children with  access to health care for a full year.


Health checks for ten children


Vaccinate a child
Polio and other diseases which the western world has banished still claim needles victims in Africa. Vaccinate 10 children with this gift .


Appropriate local vaccination to safeguard 10 children


Provide a well
Digging wells is a practiced art yet there are still many children carrying water quite long distances because of a shortage of wells.



Pay for a well to be dug


Build a toilet
A simple pit toilet provides basic sanitation and immensely reduces the risk of disease.



A two unit toilet


Build a dinning room so the children don't have to eat their food either outside or in their classrooms

we need 4000 to build the dinning room

Furniture for a classroom (above)
To provide new furniture for a classroom can transform the room. Often desks consist of little more than old boards or discarded tables.  In one classroom, the benches were tree trunks on which the children sat. This gift is the basics.


Desks, benches and something for the teacher, even a bookcase.



Food for orphans and vulnerable children
Long term we want to see the schools being self sufficient through sustainable projects. We have agricultural projects already running in both Kenya and Zimbabwe. However, that does not solve the immediate problem when the families and carers do not have income to feed the children adequately.

With families often below the $1 a day poverty line any donation is welcome. However, this is not a one off shot and we would ask that if you want to give money to help with the day to day costs such as food that you set up a regular giving direct to the charity’s bank account.

This regular giving helps us plan into the future rather from month to month. The income that comes in in this way entirely goes to keeping children in school by paying school fees and in some cases helps address the issue of food

Currently children in Zimbabwe and in Kenya benefit from money given in this way.

Even just 5 a month can make a real difference to real children. 8 a month covers the full cost of educating a child.


Please contact us for details.

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